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Tripy II, the benefits of a GPS different from the rest

Tripy II is THE most readable GPS navigation system for leisure and pleasure on the road. Both a GPS and Digital Roadbook, Tripy II guides you on the most amazing journeys, stores your favourite itineraries and takes you on undiscovered trails:

  • The Tripy II GPS lets you enter geographic coordinates using the 3 standard methods, has a course deviation indicator, and gives you "as the crow flies" distance/direction. The course deviation indicator lets you know your position in real time compared with the ideal route. This allows you to constantly adjust to the terrain
  • The close tracking feature, visible at the same time as the Dot-Arrow symbols, lets you cover a trail that's become invisible (e.g. due to sand) with matchless precision
  • Dot-Arrow, compass and close tracking seamlessly work together to let you travel however you want.
  • Robust and waterproof, the Tripy II GPS is a rock solid tool for muddy or sandy terrain.
  • The RoadTracer Pro software provided lets you create your own itineraries to share with other members of your club or with the entire Tripy online community.
  • The ingeniously designed panoramic screen means that the Tripy II GPS is totally readable in all situations, even the most haphazard off-road conditions. Simply displayed information means the driver doesn't have to spend time concentrating on the screen, allowing him to focus fully on the dangers ahead.
  • Just one journey recorded on a recce run gives you a road book to ride again and share, in either direction
  • A GPS that needs no cable thanks to its 15-hour battery life and quick charge system

GPS Tripy II, designed for all-terrain use

Robust, waterproof, easy, smart! Tripy II starts up in a flash and keeps you fired with enthusiasm. With its 6cm x 9cm panoramic screen and hi-tech casing, Tripy II combines top-of-the-range features with driving pleasure.

Tripy II is designed to go wherever you want:

  • the 16:9 LCD display offers total readability even in full sunlight
  • intelligent, adjustable backlighting
  • totally waterproof (IPX7)
  • the casing can withstand extreme conditions
  • removable front panel in either white or yellow
  • next generation Lithium-Polymer batteries deliver 15 hours of continuous use (so no external power supply needed)

350 Tripy II GPS systems successfully defied the extreme conditions of Dakar 2010

Tripy II, advanced technology for your pleasure

The Tripy II GPS uses latest generation technologies.

Unit size:15cm x 9cm
Screen size:9cm x 6cm
Screen resolution:240 x 160
Screen type:FSTN Silverback
Battery life:15 hours
Waterproof:yes (IPX7)
Ultra-sensitive receiver:yes
Integrated memory capacity:4 GB (4,000 MB)
Pre-loaded road books:500+
POIs included:800,000 + Speed cameras
Stored road book capacity:up to 10,000,000 km
Road tracer capacity:up to 7,000,000 km
POI storage capacity:up to 33,000,0000
RoadTracer Pro software:included (Western Europe)
Embedded mapping:Tele Atlas (TM) EU
Choice of itinerary:shortest / fastest / Scenic / via RT Pro
Supported GPS coordinates:DMS / DM / DD
Guidance mode:Dot-Arrow symbols / Map / Compass
Dashboard:Altitude / Speed / Average / Course
Tripmaster:4 counters

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